Cyprus detachment 14 squadron

Cyprus detachment 14 squadron

Some of the photos on this site are over 50 years old and I've been unable to pinpoint where I took them. If you can help then please click here to email us. If at all possible a link to a marker on Google Maps would be ideal.

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TitleCyprus detachment 14 squadron
Date0006-02-20 15:31:08
CopyrightCopyright ©Ivor "Taff" Davies


1961,  Cyprus,  Cyprus detachment 14 squadron,  Military,  Scanned Slide

CameraVoigtlander Vito C
LensVoightlander Lanthar 2.8/50 
Focal Length50mm
Focal Length (35mm)50mm
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Taken whilst stationed at RAF Nicosia, Cyprus in August 1961 Taken at RAF Nicosia, Cyprus in August 1961 At RAF Nicosia, Cyprus, August 1961