The Nara in Aden Harbour circa. 1967

The Nara in Aden Harbour circa. 1967

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TitleThe Nara in Aden Harbour circa. 1967
Date circa 1965-1967
LocationSteamer Point
CopyrightCopyright ©Ivor "Taff" Davies


1960s,  1965,  1966,  1967,  Aden,  Aden Harbour,  Arabian Peninsula,  Arabian Sea,  At Tawahi,  Cargo Vessel,  Gulf of Aden,  Scanned Slide,  Shipping,  Steamer Point,  Tawahi,  Voigtlander Vito C,  Yemen

CameraVoigtlander Vito C
LensVoightlander Lanthar 2.8/50 
Focal Length50mm
Focal Length (35mm)50mm
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