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About this site

This site is made up of many of the photos I took whilst serving in the RAF. In 2005 my son and I started scanning these photos using a Nikon CoolScan IV EV and organising them using a program called "BreezeBrowser". We're still finding the odd box of photos to scan...

When Apple released Aperture we started using that and created the first version of this site. After an awful lot more keywording, adding descriptions and geolocating we re-wrote the site in PHP so links and such would be more dynamic and would update themselves as we added more photos.

This year (2014 as of writing) we've moved over to Adobe Lightroom (the draw of publishing plug-ins and Apple abandoning Aperture made this a no-brainer) and updated the site with some new features such as embedded Google maps (when I can remember where the photo was taken).

Using the site

We've divided the photos into broad categories which you can select using the navigation on the left. Each link brings up a grid of thumbnail images, each of which can be clicked to bring up the full image.

Once you reach the photo page you can scroll down to see the information we've entered so far, some of which you can click on:

We need your help

A fair number of the people in these photos and the location they were taken are still missing. If you recognise anyone, or know the location of a photo then please let us know (there are email links below the images).

You can also use the sharing buttons on each image page to try to get the site "out there". I realise that tracking old friends down after all this time is a daunting task so the more people know about it the better. The site may also be of some interest to the families of people who served, particularly in Aden where I made most use of my camera.

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