14 Squadron Association - The Aim of the 14 Squadron Association is to keep alive the spirit of comradeship of former members of 14 Squadron Royal Air Force.

14 Squadron RAF group on Flickr - A group for images and to help track down people who served in 14 Squadron, RAF.

43(F) Squadron (FIGHTING COCKS) Association - The aims of the 43 Fighter Squadron Association are to foster the Fighting Cock spirit of good fellowship among the squadron’s former members and to continue to celebrate its heritage as one of the Royal Air Force’s foremost fighter squadrons.

8 Squadron RAF Khormaksar Hunters - Page on the No. 8 Squadron, Royal Air Force site about the arrival of the Hawker Hunter in Aden in the late 50s and Britains departure from the area in 1967.

Aden Veterans Association - Aims to bring together those who served in Aden

BP Aden Kids website. - Share your memories, photo's or reconnect with old friends. Well worth a visit and we'd like to thank webmaster Jonathan Wilkins for his help and patience with naming and geolocating places.

Facebook page for RAF Gutersloh

Facebook page Khormaksar Secondary School (British Forces Aden)

Facebook page RAF Oman & Aden Old Comrades - This page is for all ex-forces and civilians who at some time served in Oman or Aden. We are a group of old friends who have come together to catch up with and hopefully find other old friends and to share memories of long ago.

Facebook page We walked the sands - Facebook group set up for anyone (Military, or Civilian) who served in OMAN at RAF Masirah, or RAF Salalah, or in ADEN at RAF Khormaksar, RAF Riyan, RAF Steamer Point, or RAF Salt-Pans.

For all serving and ex members of the RAF Mountain Rescue Service - RAF Mountain Rescue Team in Khormaksar

Forces Reunited - Site to track down old friends.

Looking back on Aden after 40 years by John Collier MBE - "Reading the reports on the problems in Iraq has, I am sure, made many who served in Aden reflect on how similar the circumstances were 40 years ago..."

Masirah Remembered - RAF Masirah was located on the island of Masirah which is about 15 miles off the East coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea...

Newark Air Museum - Aircraft museum based at a World War II airfield.

Pembrokeshire Pictures - Parent site

Radfan Hunters - History of the Hawker Hunter in the Middle East and a lot of information on the RAF in that area.

RAF BBMF page on Hurricane PZ865

RAF BBMF page on Spitfire P7350

RAF Gutersloh on Wikipedia

RAF Khormaksar group on Flickr - A group for images and to help track down people who served in Aden.

RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association

RAF Museum

RAF Oman Old Comrades - For all Ex-servicemen who at one time served in Oman at either Masirah, or Salalah RAF bases and also RAF bases in Aden.

RAF Transport Command Veterans Association

ServicePals - A place to track down people

The Aden Emergency - Extensive essay on the Aden emergency of 1963-67.

The Colony of Aden 1961-1965 - Site about Aden in the early 60s. Lots of photos.

Wikipedia entry on Aden